Sportsmanship and UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

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Yes their salaries too high but In fact that their talent and flair are valuable too.
Sportmanship should keep condition fit all the time. That’s mean no party no holiday and everyday is practice for keep condition available for their next match.The club with strong financial got talented squad with high salary
But it’s not about playing the better football, it’s about getting better results and chance
I’m love to watch football so let me focus on football about unfair advantage
First many professional clubs across Europe rising their squad’s salaries too much high for ‘level playing field’ gaining an unfair advantage over other clubs who are run on a more sustainable business model The bigger club got strong income for the example shirt sponsorship ticket selling television commercial stadium sponsor which is bringing in a certain amount of money per season and mother sponsorship which will doubtless bring in yet more money. So they can rising high wage for talented player . The squad who got wonderful flair suitable with high salary that’s so common.

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Second  because in a market economy the price paid for any factor of production arises from the choices consumers make about the items they wish to buy and how much they are willing to pay. Everything is competition when talented squad looking for new club the bigger club should race for the new talented player that’s why many great offering within high ridiculous wage arise. But this moment UEFA announce Financial Fair Play to limit the financial and salary rising because Fifty per cent of clubs are losing money and this is an increasing trend. UEFA needed to stop this downward spiral. They have spent more than they have earned in the past and haven’t paid their debts under process from The CFCB [the Club Financial Control Panel]
Overall  everybody looking for a good new life or great opportunity in his life. Everyone wanna be grow older and live better.  We must keep the great opportunity when its come, won’t that be nice ?
As Mahatma Gandhi said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”  ”


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